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Breakdown Maintenance Process Flowchart in SAP PM

Breakdown Maintenance Process Flowchart in SAP PM

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The flowchart details the Breakdown Maintenance process in SAP PM, commencing when a machine breakdown occurs and concluding once the issue is resolved. This process involves the Production/Operation department informing Plant Maintenance of the issue, creation of notifications, assignment of tasks, and the procurement of necessary materials or external services. The flow is designed to efficiently manage the corrective actions required for maintaining equipment.

Breakdown Maintenance Process Flow in SAP:

  • Create M2 Notification in SAP 📑: A corrective M2 type notification is created against the abnormality of the technical object.
  • Create Maintenance Order – PM01 Type in SAP 🛠️: If required, a PM01 type maintenance order is created for the corrective action.
  • Component Required? ➡️: It is determined whether a component is needed for the repair.
  • Stock Available? ➡️: If a component is needed, the system checks for availability in stock.
  • System Creates Reservation/ Purchase Requisition in SAP 📦: Depending on stock availability, the system either creates a reservation number for the component or a purchase requisition if the component is not in stock.
  • Goods Issue Process/ Purchase Order Process in SAP 🔄: If a purchase requisition is made, it progresses to a purchase order and then to the goods issue process to acquire the needed materials.
  • External Service Required? ➡️: If external service is required instead of components, service information is updated in the order.
  • Execute the Work 🏗️: With materials or external services procured, the technician executes the maintenance work.
  • Update Technical Findings in M2 Notification in SAP 📊: After the work is completed, technical findings and updates are entered in the M2 notification.
  • Complete the PM01 Maintenance Order in SAP : The maintenance order is completed and closed in the system.
  • Close M2 Notification : Finally, the M2 notification is closed, signifying the end of the breakdown maintenance process.

This flow ensures that all steps taken in response to a machine breakdown are thoroughly documented within SAP, from the initial notification to the completion of maintenance tasks and the closing of orders and notifications.

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