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Preventive Maintenance End-to-end Process Flow in SAP PM

Preventive Maintenance End-to-end Process Flow Diagram in SAP PM

Picture Description

This flow diagram image illustrates end-to-end Preventive Maintenance Process in SAP PM which is designed to ensure the proper maintenance of equipment and property. This process involves a sequence of steps that begin with identifying equipment and culminate in the completion of maintenance tasks and business operations. Here is a detailed description of each step in the flow diagram.

Preventive Maintenance Process Steps:

  1. Identify Equipment Record and/or Functional Location πŸ’»: Start by identifying the equipment that needs maintenance or locating the functional area requiring service.
  2. Create Task List πŸ“‹: Develop a list of tasks that need to be performed as part of the preventive maintenance.
  3. Create and Schedule Maintenance Plan πŸ“…: Formulate a maintenance plan and schedule the tasks to ensure timely maintenance.
  4. Review/Update Preventive Maintenance Order πŸ“: Regularly review and update the preventive maintenance order to reflect any changes or additional requirements.
  5. Service Entry Sheet Created (from Preventive Maintenance Order) πŸ“‘: Generate a service entry sheet from the preventive maintenance order, particularly relevant for external service providers requiring procurement actions (P.O./Contract).
  6. Approve and Release Preventive Maintenance Order βœ”οΈ: Once reviewed, approve and release the preventive maintenance order for execution.
  7. Goods (Material) Issue πŸ“¦:Β Issue the necessary materials and goods required to perform the maintenance tasks.
  8. Perform Maintenance Task/Inspection πŸ”§: Carry out the actual maintenance tasks and inspections as planned.
  9. Preventive Maintenance Order Confirmation and Technical Completion πŸ“„: Confirm the completion of maintenance tasks and ensure technical completion of the order.
  10. Preventive Maintenance Order Settlement and Business Completion πŸ‘: Finally, settle the maintenance order and complete any related business operations to close out the maintenance cycle.

This SAP PM flow diagram represents a streamlined approach to preventive maintenance, ensuring all necessary steps are systematically followed to maintain equipment and property effectively.

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