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Preventive Maintenance Process Flowchart in SAP PM

Preventive Maintenance Process Flowchart in SAP PM

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This flowchart outlines the Preventive Maintenance process in SAP, designed to ensure the regular and systematic maintenance of new and existing equipment according to manufacturer guidelines or user recommendations. The process allows for maintenance activities to be tracked, frequencies to be adjusted based on quality data and experience, and for the planning and execution of maintenance tasks.

Preventive Maintenance Process Flow in SAP:

  • System Creates Preventive Notification in SAP – PM Type 📝: The system generates a Preventive Maintenance type notification, signaling the need for preventive maintenance.
  • Schedule of Preventive Maintenance Plan 🗓️: The Engineering Maintenance Engineer prepares a frequency and preventive maintenance plan for the technical objects requiring maintenance.
  • List All PM – Preventive Maintenance Notifications 📋: All PM notifications are listed for review and action.
  • Is Maintenance Order Required? ➡️: A decision is made on whether a maintenance order is necessary based on the notifications.
  • Create PM03 Maintenance Order in SAP 🔨: If required, a PM03 type maintenance order is created for carrying out the preventive maintenance.
  • Release the Maintenance Order 🔓: The maintenance order is released, allowing work to begin.
  • Component Required? ➡️: It’s determined whether components are needed for the maintenance task.
  • Stock Available? ➡️: If components are needed, stock availability is checked.
  • System Creates Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order Process 🛍️: If the component is not in stock, the system generates a purchase requisition, leading to a purchase order process to acquire the needed part.
  • External Service Required? ➡️: If an external service is needed for maintenance, this is flagged in the system.
  • Identify Technician for Preventive Maintenance 👷: A technician is assigned to carry out the preventive maintenance work.
  • System Creates Reservation Number 🎟️: A reservation number is created for any parts or services required from the inventory.
  • Execute Work 🛠️: The technician performs the maintenance tasks according to the schedule.
  • Goods Receive/Service Receipt 📦: Any parts ordered are received, or service receipts are confirmed in the system.
  • Goods Issue Process 🔄: The goods issue process is completed for parts used in the maintenance.
  • Update Technical Findings 🔍: After the maintenance is completed, the technician updates the system with technical findings.
  • Confirmation of Order if Necessary : If needed, the order is confirmed in the system to reflect the completed work.
  • Close PM03 Preventive Maintenance Order/Close PM Notification in SAP ✅: The PM03 order and the PM notification are closed, signifying the completion of the preventive maintenance activities.

This flow ensures that equipment maintenance is proactive and structured, minimizing downtime and maximizing the lifespan and performance of the technical assets. It facilitates coordination among maintenance staff, supervisors, and heads of production and engineering for efficient maintenance scheduling and execution.

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