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SAP PM Breakdown Maintenance Flowchart with MM & CO Integration

SAP PM Breakdown Maintenance Flowchart with MM Integration

Picture Description

This Visio flowchart outlines Breakdown Maintenance scenario within an SAP Plant Maintenance (PM). The overall process steps can be explained as follows:

  1. Incident Identification: When equipment breaks down, a notification is created, which may involve updating an existing notification if relevant.
  2. Maintenance Notification and Order Creation: A maintenance notification is sent to the responsible person. Based on this notification, a maintenance order is created. If stock parts are required for the repair, the availability is checked and managed through the system.
  3. Planning and Approval: The maintenance task is planned, which includes checking for permits, materials, and whether external service is needed. Depending on the answers, further planning may be required, or the order status is updated and released for work to begin.
  4. Material Procurement and Execution: If parts are needed, purchase requisitions and orders are created, and upon delivery, the goods receipt is posted against the purchase order. The order is then executed, which may include external services if required.
  5. Completion and Settlement: Once the maintenance work is completed, the system is updated to reflect the service acceptance, time confirmations, and completion of work. The final step involves settling the order to the relevant cost center.

The entire process integrates various SAP modules and functionalities, such as Plant Maintenance (PM), Materials Management (MM), and Financial Accounting (FI). It ensures efficient management of breakdowns, from notification to repair and financial settlement, within the SAP system, with some steps potentially involving external parties or services outside SAP.

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