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Calibration Maintenance Process in SAP PM (Third Party)

External Calibration Maintenance Flowchart in SAP PM for Third (3rd) Party

Picture Description

The flowchart outlines the External Calibration Maintenance Process in SAP PM, showcasing a structured sequence of tasks involving multiple SAP modules. Let’s dissect the steps as described in the flow diagram :

  • Create Maintenance Plan 📅: This is the initiation point where a single-cycle maintenance plan is created for Calibration Notification in SAP, using transaction code IP41.
  • Schedule a Maintenance Plan 🗓️: Maintenance plans are scheduled using deadline monitoring, which is done in the background on a daily basis. Manual scheduling is also an option if the maintenance activity needs to be adjusted.
  • Create and Release Calibration Notification 🔔: Calibration notifications are generated based on the time period set in the maintenance plan, which can be viewed and managed using transaction codes IW22/IW28.
  • Convert Calibration Notification into Calibration Order 🛠️: These notifications are then converted into Calibration Orders for external services, using the order type ‘ZPM4’ for Calibration Maintenance Order in the system.
  • Release Maintenance Order 🔓: The order is released, which is crucial for controlling goods issued, procurement, and order progress.
  • External Service Required? : If external services are required, the control key ‘PM03’ for Plant Maintenance-External Services is used in the relevant operation of the order to specify the service number, description, quantity, and price.
  • Create Purchase Order from Purchase Requisition in Maintenance Order 💼: A purchase requisition is created for the external services when saving the maintenance order, leading to the creation of a Service Purchase Order.
  • Approval of Purchase Order : The Service Purchase Order is then released by an authorized person.
  • Service Entry Sheet for External Services 📜: To confirm external services, a Service Entry Sheet is used, created with reference to the Service PO.
  • Calibration Carried out by Service Provider 🛠️: The external vendor performs the calibration, providing reports and an invoice for the service.
  • Technically Completion of the Order 🔧: After the service confirmation, the order is set to ‘technically complete’.
  • Cost Settlement of the Order 💰: Costs are settled to the appropriate cost center or WBS element based on the settlement profile.
  • Closure of the Order : With all activities completed and cost settlement done, business completion for the order is marked, closing the process.

These steps ensure that the process of external calibration maintenance is handled efficiently, with a clear audit trail and accountability within the SAP PM module. The integration with other SAP modules like Material Management (MM) and Controlling (CO) ensures smooth procurement and financial processing for the services rendered.

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