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SAP Service (3rd Party) Procurement E2E Process Flowchart

SAP Service (3rd Party) Procurement E2E Process Flowchart

Picture Description

The flowchart illustrates the SAP process for the external procurement of services, starting from the recognition of a need for a third-party service to the verification of the invoice. This process involves the creation of a service purchase order (PO), the maintenance and approval of a service entry sheet, and the final invoice verification to ensure that the services rendered match the terms of the PO.

SAP Process for External Procurement of Services:

  • Need for a Service from 3rd Party ๐Ÿค: The process commences when there is a requirement for a service provided by an external vendor.
  • Release Service PO ๐Ÿ“: A service purchase order is created, which could be with or without reference to a purchase requisition.
  • Maintain a Service Entry Sheet for Service PO ๐Ÿ“Š: After the service is performed, a service entry sheet is maintained to document the details and confirm the service delivery.
  • Service Entry Sheet OK? โœ…/โŒ: The service entry sheet is reviewed to ensure it accurately reflects the services provided.
  • Approve the Service Entry Sheet ๐Ÿ”: If the service entry sheet is satisfactory, it is approved.
  • Invoice Verification ๐Ÿงพ: The invoice is then verified with reference to the service purchase order to ensure that billing is accurate and corresponds to the services agreed upon in the PO.

This SAP flow represents a streamlined process within the SAP Materials Management (MM) module, specifically tailored to the procurement of services. It ensures that services procured externally are duly recorded, approved, and reconciled in the system before the financial obligations are settled.

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