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SAP P2P Service Entry Process Flowchart

SAP P2P Service Entry Process Visio Flowchart

Picture Description

This visio flowchart depicts a simplified illustration of the service entry process within SAP P2P process cycle. It outlines the steps involved in receiving services from a supplier, from the creation of a service entry sheet to confirmation and final approval.

The key steps highlighted in the flowchart are :

  1. Purchase Order: The process begins with a purchase order being received from the supplier.

  2. Service Entry Sheet Creation: Following the service order, a service entry sheet is created.

  3. Employee Time Sheets: Employees who performed the service may submit timesheets detailing the work performed.

  4. Manager Approval: The service entry sheet is then routed to the relevant manager for approval.

  5. Confirmation: Once approved by the manager, the service entry sheet is confirmed.

  6. Service Entry Sheet Complete: The confirmation of the service entry sheet marks the completion of the process.

This is a simplified overview of the service entry process within SAP Purchasing. In practice, the specific steps involved may vary depending on the company’s configuration and specific business needs.

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