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Picture Description

This flowchart picture depicts the procurement process for services in SAP S/4HANA MM. It outlines the steps involved in acquiring services, from identifying a need to receiving and paying for the service.

Here’s a breakdown of the procurement process for services in SAP S/4HANA MM based on the flowchart:

  1. Manual Service or Existing Service?: The process starts by determining if the service is required on an ongoing basis (existing service) or a one-time request (manual service).

  2. Create RFQ (Request for Quotation): An RFQ is created to solicit bids from potential vendors for the required service.

  3. Maintain Quotation: Vendors respond with quotations which are recorded in the system.

  4. Compare Quotation: The quotations are compared to choose the most favorable supplier based on factors like price, quality, and experience.

  5. Create PO w.r.t. RFQ/Contract: A purchase order (PO) is created referring to the chosen RFQ or existing contract with the selected vendor.

  6. PO Release: The purchase order undergoes an approval process. If modifications are required, the PO is sent back for adjustments.

  7. Approved?: If the PO is approved, the process proceeds to the next step. If not, it’s sent back for revision.

  8. Release to Vendor: Once approved, the PO is released to the chosen vendor.

  9. Service Entry Sheet: After the service is performed, a service entry sheet is used to document the details and completion of the service.

  10. Invoice Verification: Finally, the vendor’s invoice is verified against the purchase order and service entry sheet for accuracy before payment processing.

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