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SAP SD (O2C) Table Relationships: Sales, Billing & Delivery Documents

SAP SD (O2C) Table Relationships - Sales, Billing and Delivery Documents

Picture Description

The image outlines the SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) module’s table relationships focusing on the integration of Sales, Billing, and Delivery Documents within the Order-to-Cash (O2C) process. It effectively visualizes how data is structured and interconnected across different phases of the sales process, emphasizing the flow from sales orders through delivery to billing. Following are key tables depicted in the diagram:

  • Sales Documents related tables:
    • VBAK (Sales Document Header)
    • VBAP (Sales Document Item)
  • Delivery Documents related tables:
    • LIKP (Delivery Header)
    • LIPS (Delivery Items)
  • Billing Documents related tables:
    • VBRK (Billing Document Header)
    • VBRP (Billing Document Item)

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