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Picture Description

This picture, prepared by Vignesh Veerasamy, giving an overview of Basic Master Data Tables within the Production Planning (PP) module in SAP. Tha tables are categorized under following sections:

SAP PP Work Centre Tables
  • CRHH: Work center hierarchy
  • CRHS: Hierarchy structure
  • CRHD: Work center header
  • CRTX: Text for the work center / Person Responsible (PRT)
  • CRCO: Work center to Cost Center
  • KAKO: Capacity Header
  • CRCA: Work Center Capacity Allocation
  • TC24: Person responsible for the work center
SAP PP Routing Tables
  • MAPL: Allocation of task lists to materials
  • PLAS: Task list – selection of operations/activities
  • PLFH: Task list – production resources/tools
  • PLKO: Task list – header
  • PLKZ: Task list: main header
  • PLPH: Sub operations
  • PLPO: Task list operation / activity
  • PLMZ: Allocation of BOM-items to operations
SAP PP Bill of Material (BOM) Tables
  • STKO: BOM – header
  • STPO: BOM – item
  • STAS: BOMs – Item Selection
  • STPN: BOMs – control
  • STPU: BOM – sub-item
  • STZU: Permanent BOM data
  • PLMZ: Allocation of BOM items
  • MAST: Material to BOM link
  • KDST: Sales order to BOM link
  • PKPS: Kanban control cycle
  • PKHD: Kanban header data
  • PKER: Error log for Kanban containers
SAP PP Production Order Tables
  • AUFK: Production order headers
  • AUFM: Goods movement for production order
  • AFKO: Order header data
  • AFPO: Order item
  • RESB: Order component
  • AFVC: Order operations
  • AFVV: Quantity in the operation
  • AFVU: User fields of the operation
  • AFFL: Work order sequence
  • AFFH: PRT assignment
  • JSTO: Status profile
  • JEST: Object status
  • AFRU: Order completion

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