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Picture Description

The purpose of material master views in SAP is to organize material data relevant to specific departments within a company. This allows users in each department to easily access the information they need about a material. For example, the sales department can view sales-related information for a material, such as the sales unit and delivery data, without having to access information that is only relevant to other departments, such as accounting information.

List of material master data views shown in the picture are;

Sales and Distribution (SD) Related Views
  • Sales Org Data Views
  • Sales General/Plant View
  • Sales Text View
  • International Trade: Export View
Materials Management (MM) Related Views
  • Purchasing View
  • Purchase Order Text View
  • International Trade: Import View
Production Planning (PP) Related Views
  • MRP 1-4 Views
  • Work Scheduling View
Financial Accounting (FI) Related Views
  • Accounting Views
  • Segmentation Valuation Data View
Controlling (CO) Related Views
  • Costing Views
Inventory Management (IM) Related Views
  • Plant Data Storage View
  • Warehouse Management View
  • Classification View (used in various modules)
  • Forecasting View (used in Production Planning and Sales)
  • Advanced Planning View (New in SAP S/4HANA – for Production Planning)
  • Descriptions View (relevant to various modules)
Others (cont.)
  • Descriptions View (relevant to various modules)
  • Units of Measure View (relevant to multiple modules)
  • Additional EANs View (EAN – European Article Number – relevant for Sales or Inventory)

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