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SAP SD (O2C) Table Relationships: Sales Documents & Conditions

SAP SD (O2C) Table Relationships - Sales Documents & Conditions

Picture Description

The image presents a comprehensive overview of the table relationships within the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module, specifically focusing on Sales Documents & Conditions in an Order-to-Cash (O2C) process. This illustration aids in understanding how various data tables in SAP SD are interconnected, which is crucial for data management and workflow efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the key tables mentioned in the picture:

  1. Sales Documents related tables:
    • VBAK (Sales Document Header)
    • VBAP (Sales Document Item)
    • VBKD (Sales Document Business Data):
    • VBUP (Item Status) and VBUK (Header Status):
    • VBLB (Release Order Data):
    • VBFA (Sales Document Flow):
  2. Conditions Tables:
    • KONVA (Sales Order Limited Conditions)

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