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Picture Description

This image illustrates the end-to-end (E2E) SAP process flow for equipment calibration management, emphasizing the sequential steps required to ensure accurate and validated tools or instruments in an organization. The flow is structured into sequential tasks, each associated with a specific SAP transaction code (T-code), which indicates the corresponding function within the SAP system.

The calibration process in SAP starts with the planning of calibration activities and ends with the settlement and completion of the calibration order. It encompasses the creation of master data, scheduling, execution, and documentation of calibration tasks, leading to the financial settlement of the performed activities.

Process Breakdown:

  • Initial Planning and Setup 📝:
    • ‘Create Maintenance Plan for Calibration’ (T-code: IP01) to define the calibration activities schedule.
    • ‘Create Master Inspection Characteristics’ (T-code: QS21) to establish the parameters for the calibration.
    • ‘Create Maintenance Task List’ (T-code: IA05) to list the detailed steps for the calibration.
  • Scheduling and Execution 🗓️:
    • ‘Schedule Maintenance Plan’ (T-code: IP30) to determine when the calibration should occur.
    • ‘Release Calibration Order’ (T-code: IW32) to authorize the commencement of calibration activities.
    • ‘Carry Out Calibration Task’ (T-code: IW32) where the actual calibration process is executed.
  • Documentation and Assessment 📊:
    • ‘Result Recording & Valuation’ (T-code: QE51N) for capturing the outcomes of the calibration.
    • ‘Usage decision’ (T-code: QA11) to determine if the equipment is fit for use based on the calibration results.
    • ‘Attach Calibration Certificate to Notification’ (T-code: IW22) to document the certification of calibration.
  • Review and Settlement 💼:
    • ‘Review Document flow of Calibration Order’ (T-code: IW32) to inspect all related documents for the order.
    • ‘Settle the Cost of the Calibration Order’ (T-code: KO88) to manage the financial aspects associated with the calibration.
    • ‘Time Confirmation & Technical Completion of Calibration Order’ (T-code: IW42) to log the time taken and technically complete the order.
    • ‘Business Completion of the Calibration Order’ (T-code: IW32) marks the official end of the calibration process within SAP.

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