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SAP PM Calibration Process Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

SAP PM Calibration Maintenance Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

Picture Description

This flowchart depicts Calibration Maintenance process within SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) system. The process is designed to manage and execute the calibration of equipment, ensuring that instruments and measuring devices within a company are accurate and reliable. Here’s a high-level overview of the overall process:

  1. Planning and Scheduling: Calibration tasks are planned and scheduled based on a predefined maintenance plan, which includes necessary permits, activities, and materials required for the task.
  2. Order Generation and Management: Calibration orders are automatically generated and released. This includes checking the availability of necessary stock parts and creating purchase orders if parts need to be procured.
  3. Execution: The calibration work is carried out, which could involve internal activities or external service providers. Time confirmations and service acceptance entries ensure that all work is accurately recorded.
  4. Completion: Upon completion of the calibration, quality inspection lots are generated to record the results and confirm the accuracy of the equipment.
  5. Settlement: The calibration order is settled, transferring costs to the relevant cost center, usually associated with quality control or the specific department responsible for the calibrated equipment.

Throughout the process, various checks and updates are made to ensure that the calibration is completed as planned and within compliance with any regulatory requirements. The flow integrates master data management, such as functional locations, equipment records, and service master records, ensuring a thorough and traceable calibration process.

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