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Direct Procurement (P2P) Process Flowchart in SAP

Direct Procurement (P2P) Process Flowchart in SAP

Picture Description

The flowchart represents Direct Procurement to Pay (P2P) Process Flow within an SAP ERP system from stock monitoring to payment, emphasizing critical procurement and logistics operations. The process begins with stock assessment and moves through vendor engagement, order processing, goods receipt, and concludes with financial settlement.

Process Breakdown mentioned in the flowchart:

  • Planning Area 📊: It starts with assessing the ‘Actual stock,’ which triggers the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) process. The MRP considers procedures such as Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDR).
  • Procurement Area 🛒:
    • ‘Purchase Requisition’ (ME51N) is triggered via MRP and then ‘Purchase Requisition’ (ME52N) is approved.
    • Depending on whether a ‘Source List’ exists or not, the process diverges:
      • If ‘No,’ ‘Vendors quotations’ (ME41) are sought, followed by ‘Vendor selection’ (ME47).
      • If ‘Yes,’ a ‘Scheduling agreement’ is reached (ME31L), and the MRP automatically generates the Scheduling lines.
  • Logistics Area 📦:
  • Financial Area 💰:
    • In parallel to the receipt of goods, ‘Receiving the invoice from vendor’ leads to ‘Post invoice’ (MIRO).
    • The process concludes with ‘Vendor payment’ (F110), finalizing the financial obligations.

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