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Picture Description

The Procure to Pay (P2P) cycle in SAP is a fundamental process that encapsulates the complete process of acquiring goods or services from the initial stage of requirement gathering to the final payment to vendors. In this P2P Cycle flow diagram, following steps are illustrated with transaction codes in SAP;

  • Request for Quotation (ME41): The purchase organization requests quotations from vendors for the required materials.
  • Maintain Quotation (ME47): Quotations received from vendors are recorded and maintained in the system.
  • Price Comparison (ME49): The system compares prices from different vendors to select the most suitable offer.
  • Purchase Order (ME21N): A purchase order is created for the selected vendor to supply the specified materials.
  • Goods Receipt (MIGO): The goods are received at the plant, and the receipt is recorded in the system.
  • Invoice Verification (MIRO): The accounting department verifies the invoice received from the vendor against the goods receipt and purchase order.

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