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SAP MM Procurement (P2P) Process Cycle

SAP MM Procurement (P2P) Process Cycle

Picture Description

The SAP Materials Management (MM) Process Cycle depicted in this visual illustrates the end-to-end flow of procurement activities leading to payment. It spans from the initial requisition to the final payment to the vendor, covering essential steps in the Procurement to Payment (P2P) cycle within the SAP MM module.

  • Raise Purchase Request in SAP 📄: The cycle begins when a department or individual identifies the need for materials or services and raises a purchase request within the SAP system.
  • Approve Purchase Request : This request is then reviewed and must be approved by the appropriate authorities within the organization to proceed.
  • Request for Quote 📩: With the approved purchase request, the company reaches out to potential vendors for quotations, initiating the procurement phase.
  • Vendor Evaluation 🔍: Received quotes are evaluated against various criteria to select the most suitable vendor(s).
  • Negotiation 🤝: The company may enter into negotiations with vendors to finalize the terms of the purchase, such as price, delivery schedule, and payment terms.
  • PO Creation in SAP 📝: Once the vendor is selected, a Purchase Order (PO) is created in SAP, outlining the details of the purchase agreement.
  • PO Approval : This PO is then subjected to an approval process similar to the purchase request.
  • PO Release to Vendor 🚀: After approval, the PO is released or sent to the vendor, formally requesting the materials or services.
  • Material Delivery 🚚: Upon receiving the PO, the vendor delivers the materials to the company.
  • Vendor Payment 💳: Finally, after confirming that the goods or services meet the specified requirements, the company processes the payment to the vendor, completing the P2P cycle.

This flowchart is a visual representation of the SAP MM module’s core processes, focusing on procurement activities leading up to vendor payment, which are pivotal in managing the materials lifecycle in a business environment.

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