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SAP PM Predictive Maintenance Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

SAP PM Predictive Maintenance Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

Picture Description

This Visio flowchart illustrates Predictive Maintenance process within an SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) system. This process is geared toward proactively maintaining equipment before failures occur, based on predictive analysis and regular monitoring. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Monitoring and Notification: Equipment condition is monitored and analyzed for potential issues. If there’s a need for maintenance, a notification is created in the system.
  2. Planning: Using the information from the monitoring phase, maintenance tasks are planned. This may include checking if parts are in stock, if permits are needed, and if external services are required.
  3. Order Creation and Approval: A maintenance order is generated, detailing what work needs to be done, which can include ordering parts, planning services, and scheduling the work.
  4. Execution: The scheduled maintenance tasks are executed, which could involve internal staff or external service providers. Throughout the process, updates and time confirmations are recorded to ensure accurate tracking of the work.
  5. Completion and Review: Once maintenance is complete, results are recorded and the order is reviewed to ensure all tasks are finished and the equipment is operational.
  6. Settlement: Costs associated with the maintenance are settled, typically by charging them to the appropriate cost center.

The predictive maintenance process aims to reduce equipment downtime and repair costs by addressing issues before they escalate to actual breakdowns, using data and analytics within SAP to inform decisions.

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