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SAP PM Planned Maintenance Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

SAP PM Planned Maintenance Flowchart with MM-CO Integration

Picture Description

This Visio Flowchart illustrates the Planned Maintenance process within an SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) system. This process focuses on the proactive maintenance of equipment and assets to prevent breakdowns and ensure smooth operations. Here’s a high-level summary of the process shown in the flowchart:

  1. Planning: The process starts with maintenance planning, which involves creating a list of maintenance tasks, scheduling maintenance plans (strategy or performance-based), and due dates for orders.
  2. Order Management: Maintenance orders are created for scheduled tasks, which includes checking for the required materials and permits, planning the work, and determining whether external services are required.
  3. Execution Preparation: Stock levels are checked for required parts. If parts are needed, the procurement process is initiated, involving purchase requisitions and orders.
  4. Work Execution: Once materials are procured, the work is executed. This could include the receipt of goods against purchase orders and the service acceptance against the service PO. All the while, time confirmations are recorded, and order status is updated as work progresses.
  5. Completion: The completed work orders are then settled to the relevant cost center, with all financial transactions and costs accounted for.
  6. Follow-up: The process includes the scheduling of future maintenance tasks, ensuring ongoing maintenance planning and execution.

Throughout the process, there are checks for the availability of parts and the need for further planning or external services. The process emphasizes regular maintenance as a part of asset management to improve reliability and reduce the risk of unexpected equipment failures.

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