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Picture Description

This diagram “Data Relationships between Tables and Objects – Functional Locations” shows the relationships between tables and objects in SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), which is a module of SAP ERP that focuses on managing the lifecycle of physical assets used in a company.

The tables mentioned in the diagram that are related to functional locations include:

  • ILOA – PM Object Location
  • IFLOT – Functional Location
  • CRHD – Work Center
  • TPLNR – Task List Header
  • AFVC – PM Order Header
  • INOB – Object Status

Functional locations (ILOA) are important components in SAP EAM as they represent the physical locations where maintenance activities are performed. They can be rooms, buildings, pieces of equipment, or functional areas. In the image, ILOA has relationships with several other tables including CRHD (Work Center), IFLOT (Functional Location), and TPLNR (Task List Header). These relationships allow for the association of functional locations with work centers and tasks that need to be completed.

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