ERP.PICS is a dedicated website classifying SAP ERP visuals (cheatsheets, flowcharts, process diagrams etc.) by system and process.

Picture Description

This image presents a table comparing three types of SAP manufacturing: discrete, process, and repetitive. It outlines the key characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each type to help users choose the most suitable option for their manufacturing needs.

Here’s a summary of the key points in the comparison table:

  • Discrete manufacturing deals with distinct items, like cars or furniture. It offers high flexibility for changes but can be complex to manage.
  • Process manufacturing involves continuous production of materials, like chemicals or oil. It emphasizes quality control and efficiency but is less flexible.
  • Repetitive manufacturing focuses on producing large quantities of identical items, like electronics or clothing. It prioritizes efficiency and standardization but has limited flexibility.

The table helps users understand the trade-offs between these manufacturing types based on factors like product complexity, planning needs, and cost control.

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