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Picture Description

This picture is a comparison chart between Consumption Based Planning (CBP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP S/4HANA. It highlights the key differences between the two planning methods, including their operational focuses, planning methodologies, and suitability for different types of inventory and demand patterns.

Key points from this comparison image are:

  • CBP is a simpler method that relies on past consumption data to forecast future demand and determine inventory levels. It’s suitable for items with predictable demand patterns and helps to avoid stockouts by maintaining a buffer of inventory.
  • MRP is a more complex method that takes into account various factors such as sales orders, production plans, and lead times to calculate material requirements. It’s better suited for critical items, items with variable demand, and for managing the production process.

Overall, CBP is a good option for simpler scenarios, while MRP is more powerful and suited for complex manufacturing environments.

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