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The flowchart outlines the SAP intercompany stock transfer process, encompassing the journey from customer order placement to the final delivery and invoicing. It involves the coordination of multiple roles, utilizing specific SAP transactions to manage the workflow efficiently. This process ensures that customer orders are processed, packed, and dispatched in an organized manner, with all steps documented and tracked within the SAP system.

SAP Intercompany Stock Transfer Process Steps in detail:

  • Order Placement and Detailing 📋: An order is received from the depot or directly from customers with packing details.
  • Creation of Intercompany PO (ME21N) 🛒: A Purchase Order is created within SAP for intercompany transactions.
  • Delivery Planning (VL10I) 📅: The warehouse in-charge reviews the pending order report and selects orders for execution.
  • Delivery Document Creation (VL10I) 📄: A delivery document is created for the selected orders.
  • Packing Proposal 📦: Packing instructions are reviewed and assigned to the delivery order.
  • Packing Order Sheet Preparation 📋: A rough packing order sheet with packing instruction (PI) numbers is prepared.
  • Physical Packing of Cartons 📦: Items are packed according to the packing order sheet. If there are discrepancies, modifications are made to the delivery document (VL02N).
  • Transmission of Packing Information 📧: Packing details are sent to the head office, usually via automated email from SAP.
  • Goods Issue and Invoicing (VL02N) 💳: Once packing is confirmed, goods are issued in the system and invoicing is initiated.
  • Transport Arrangement 🚚: A transporter is arranged, and upon arrival, materials are prepared for loading.
  • Packing Slip and Invoice Printing 🖨️: Packing slips are printed along with the invoice for the materials to be shipped.
  • Material Loading 📦: Materials are loaded onto the transporter.
  • Goods Receipt (VL32N) 📑: Upon arrival at the destination, goods receipt is processed against the Inbound Delivery document.
  • Vendor Invoice Booking (MIRO) 💼: After the loading, the vendor invoice booking is done within SAP to reflect the financial transaction.

This comprehensive process depicted in the flowchart is a part of the SAP Logistics and Supply Chain Management modules, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accurate tracking of intercompany stock movements.

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