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Self-Service Purchase Requisition Approval Flowchart in SAP

Self Service Purchase Requisition (Indirect Purchase) Approval Process in SAP

Picture Description

This flowchart illustrates the Self-Service Purchase Requisition (Indirect Purchasing) Approval Process in SAP, detailing the step-by-step sequence for creating and approving a purchase requisition (PR), converting it to a purchase order (PO), and finalizing the process with supplier invoicing. The process integrates various SAP transaction codes and decision points that guide users through the procurement cycle. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps in the process:

  1. Creation of Purchase Requisition (PR) in SAP:
    • Create PR: Initiate the process using Fiori App F1643.
    • Enter Product Description into PR: Add detailed descriptions of the products to be purchased.
    • Enter Supplier Information into PR: Include the supplier details from the master data.
    • Cost Center Information: Input cost center from requester ID and General Ledger (GL) account from material group.
  2. Decision Point – Buying on Behalf:
    • If buying on behalf of someone, enter the requester ID into the PR. If not, proceed to create the PR.
  3. Approval Process:
    • PR Approval (All Lines): The PR is reviewed and approved via transaction F0862, which includes potential out-of-office assignments by the approver.
    • Email to Next Level Approver: If necessary, the PR is forwarded to another approver via email for further validation.
  4. Conversion of PR to PO in SAP:
    • Convert PR to PO: After approval, the PR is converted into a PO using Fiori App F2229.
    • PO Output Forms: Generate the necessary output forms for the PO.
  5. Receiving and Supplier Invoicing:
    • Email to Receiving (Services Only): Notify the receiving department via email, specifically for services.
    • Receipt of Services: Confirm the receipt of services using Fiori Apps F1639 or F4899.
    • Supplier Invoicing: If the service is satisfactory, proceed with supplier invoicing through Fiori App F0859. If the service is not satisfactory, return using Fiori App F1639.

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