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SAP PM Maintenance Process Flow Diagram – Basic Overview

SAP PM Maintenance Process Flow Diagram - Basic Overview

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The process flow diagram outlines the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) maintenance process flow, providing a basic overview of the sequential stages involved in managing and executing maintenance activities within an organization. The steps range from initial notification to the final completion and documentation of the maintenance order, encompassing planning, scheduling, and execution phases.

Process Flow:

  • Maintenance Notification in SAP  📢: This is the first step where a notification is created in SAP PM to report a malfunction or issue. It includes identifying the technical object affected and providing a description along with relevant data.
  • Planning 📋: During the planning phase, details of the work to be performed are outlined. This includes selecting the materials and tools required for the job and organizing internal or external resources.
  • Scheduling 🗓️: In this step, the maintenance order is scheduled. This involves order release, printout of the job card, capacity leveling, and performing an availability check of the required resources.
  • Maintenance Work Order Execution in SAP🔧: The execution phase is where the actual maintenance work takes place. It involves the withdrawal of planned materials from the inventory and, if necessary, the procurement of external resources or materials.
  • Completion ✅: The final stage of the process involves confirming the time spent on the job, technically completing the maintenance order, and settling the order in the SAP system.

The flow concludes with the ‘History’ section, which keeps records of material usage, orders, notifications, Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS) reports, and usage lists, serving as a comprehensive archive for reference and analysis.

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