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Subcontracting E2E Process Flow in SAP MM

Subcontracting E2E Process Flow in SAP MM

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This flowchart outlines the subcontracting process in SAP Materials Management, specifically within the materials management module.

  • Requirement of Subcontracting Material (MRP/Manual): The process begins with the identification of the need for subcontracting material, which can be determined either manually or through the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) process.
  • Create Subcontract Purchase Order (PO)/Schedule Lines: The buyer then creates a subcontracting purchase order and schedule lines for the material needed.
  • Approve PO/Schedule: The purchase order and schedule are then approved by the appropriate authority.
  • Transfer Components to Subcontractor: The warehouse clerk is responsible for transferring the necessary components to the subcontractor to perform the work.
  • Create Subcontracting Challan: A subcontracting challan, which is a type of shipping document, is created for the transfer of goods to the subcontractor.
  • Delivery Note: These documents are generated and accompany the goods sent to the subcontractor. They serve as legal documentation of the transfer and include tax information.
  • Dispatch of Goods: The actual physical dispatch of goods to the subcontractor follows.
  • Goods Receipt: Upon completion of the subcontracting work, the goods are received back from the subcontractor.
  • Print GR Slip: A Goods Receipt (GR) slip is printed, which is used for recording the receipt of goods in the system.
  • Reconcile Subcontracting Challan: The subcontracting challan is reconciled with the goods receipt to ensure that the correct goods and quantities have been received.
  • Complete/Reversal Re-credit Subcontracting Challan: The process of completing or reversing the re-credit of the subcontracting challan occurs, adjusting any discrepancies in inventory.
  • Procurement with QM: Quality Management (QM) procedures are integrated into the procurement process to ensure the quality of the received goods meets the required standards.
  • Inventory GR/IR Subcontracting Consumption: This step involves recording the goods receipt and invoice receipt for the subcontracting process and accounting for the consumption of materials.
  • GR/IR Vendor: The process then moves on to the goods receipt/invoice receipt reconciliation with the vendor.
  • Invoice Verification: Finally, the accounts payable team performs invoice verification to confirm that invoicing from the subcontractor matches the goods received and the purchase order terms.
  • Return to Vendor (Optional) / Inventory Transactions Postings: This optional step involves returning goods to the vendor if necessary and posting the appropriate inventory transactions in the system.

The flowchart provides a clear visual representation of the subcontracting process in SAP ERP, with a focus on the steps involved from the initial need through to the invoice verification and potential return of goods.

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