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SAP PM Corrective / Breakdown Maintenance Work Process Cheat Sheet

SAP PM Corrective & Breakdown Maintenance Work Processing Cheatsheet

Picture Description

The cheat sheet shows a corrective/breakdown maintenance process flow chart in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) module. It outlines the steps involved in addressing equipment failures and restoring functionality.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process mentioned in picture:

  1. The process begins with creating a notification (IW21) regarding the equipment malfunction. This notification includes details like the problem description, priority level, and the equipment involved.
  2. Based on the notification, a maintenance order (IW28) is created. This order specifies the type of work required, the materials and services needed, and the personnel assigned to the task.
  3. Materials are procured and/or services are acquired if necessary to complete the repair work (IW38).
  4. Once the work is completed, the order is confirmed (IW42), and the system is updated accordingly. This may involve recording the actual work performed, the time taken, and any additional details relevant to the repair process.

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