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Stock Material Issuance over Maintenance Order Process Flow in SAP

Stock Material Issuance Over Maintenance Order Flow Diagram in SAP

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This flowchart represents the SAP process for Stock Material Issuance over a Maintenance Order, which is crucial for tracking and accounting for material usage during maintenance activities. The process flow consists of several key steps from the creation of a maintenance order to the final settlement, while the account assignment part ensures that all financial aspects are accurately recorded.

Maintenance Order Process Flow in SAP PM:

  • Maintenance Order 📝: A maintenance order is created for the issuance of materials required for maintenance, initiating the process.
  • Material Reservation Document 📄: The system automatically generates a material reservation document in the MM (Materials Management) module, referencing the maintenance order.
  • Goods Issuance 🚚: Materials are issued from the warehouse based on the material reservation document, leading to the creation of a goods issuance record.
  • Maintenance Order Settlement 💰: The maintenance order settlement runs periodically to post the actual cost of the material issued to the cost center.

Account Assignment for Maintenance Order in SAP:

  • Cost Center 💼: The cost center is specified in the maintenance order, serving as the settlement receiver, where all costs related to the maintenance activities are allocated.
  • Maintenance Order 📝: The maintenance order is automatically linked to the material reservation document in MM as the account assignment.

Financial Entries of Usage of Materials for Maintenance in SAP:

  • Inventory Account : The inventory account is credited, reflecting the removal of stock from inventory due to the goods issuance.
  • Material Consumption Account : The material consumption account is debited to record the usage of materials for maintenance, which is charged against the maintenance order.

This process integrates the Material Management (MM) and Controlling (CO) modules, tying the physical movement of materials to financial accounting and cost controlling.

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