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Picture Description

This flowchart, prepared by Van Bao Dang (SAP EWM – WM Consultant), illustrates the Intercompany STO (Stock Transport Order) Process with EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) within SAP S/4HANA, detailing the sequence of steps from the supplying plant through to the receiving plant. Here’s a structured breakdown:

  • Start of Process: The procedure initiates at the S/4 HANA module with the creation of an intercompany STO using transaction ME21N in the receiving plant.
  • Outbound Delivery Creation 📦: At the supplying plant, an outbound delivery is created with transaction VL10B.
  • Replicate Outbound Delivery 🔁: The created delivery is then replicated to EWM.
  • Wave Management 🌊: In EWM for the supplying plant, wave assignment and release are performed with transaction /SCWM/WAVE.
  • Warehouse Task Creation 📋: A warehouse task (WT) and warehouse order (WO) are generated within EWM.
  • Picking & Confirmation : The warehouse task is picked and confirmed with transaction /SCWM/TO_CONF.
  • Optional Packing 📦: Packing of the products can be carried out if necessary with transaction /SCWM/PACK.
  • Goods Issue Posting 🔄: The goods issue (GI) is posted with transaction /SCWM/PRDO, which updates the outbound delivery and creates a material document (Mvt 641). This action changes the stock status to “In Transit” in the S/4 HANA module using transaction MBST.
  • Inbound Delivery 📥: Concurrently, the inbound delivery is created and replicated in the receiving plant’s EWM module with transaction VL31N.
  • Goods Receipt Posting 📈: The goods receipt (GR) is then posted in the receiving plant’s EWM module with transaction /SCWM/PRDI. This posts the material document (Mvt 101) and updates the stock in location ROD.
  • Transfer Posting to Storage Location 🔄: A transfer posting is done to the appropriate storage location AFS.
  • Warehouse Task Completion : The warehouse task and order are completed in the receiving plant’s EWM module with transaction /SCWM/TO_CONF.
  • Intercompany Billing 💳: In the S/4 HANA module of the supplying plant, intercompany billing is executed.
  • Intercompany Supplier Invoice 💼: Finally, in the receiving plant’s S/4 HANA module, the intercompany supplier invoice is posted.

This end-to-end process flow ensures that the stock is transferred from the supplying plant to the receiving plant within the same company, while also managing inventory and financial aspects of the transaction in an integrated fashion. The process concludes with the closure of the financial loop through intercompany billing and supplier invoicing.

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