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Picture Description

This flowcharts illustrates Physical Inventory process in an SAP ERP system which depicts the systematic approach to verifying physical stock against system records. The process entails generating inventory count sheets, counting physical inventory, entering the count, reconciling discrepancies, and making necessary adjustments to align with the physical count.

  • Physical Inventory Count 👀: Warehouse Clerks perform the actual counting of materials as noted on the inventory count sheets.
  • Enter Count 🔢: The results of the physical count are entered into the SAP system.
  • List Count Differences 📊: The system reviews the entered counts against the system quantities to identify any discrepancies.
  • Accept Count? ✅/: A decision is made whether to accept the counted quantities. If the count is not accepted, a recount and corrective action is undertaken.
  • Recount and Corrective Action 🔁: If discrepancies are significant or outside of acceptable thresholds, the inventory is recounted and any necessary corrective actions are taken.
  • Inventory Adjustment 🔄: After the final counts are accepted, an inventory adjustment is performed in the SAP system to reflect the actual physical inventory.
  • Post Inventory Count Difference ➕➖: Any differences between the physical count and the system records are posted, which updates the inventory levels in the system.

This flowchart is crucial for maintaining accurate inventory records, which is essential for inventory management, financial reporting, and supply chain operations within an organization.

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