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Raw Material Inspection Process Flowchart in SAP QM

Raw Material Inspection Process Flow in SAP QM

Picture Description

This flowchart outlines the process of inspecting raw materials in SAP Quality Management (QM). It covers the entire lifecycle of quality inspection from the goods receipt of incoming raw materials to the final usage decision. The process ensures that raw materials meet specified quality standards through detailed chemical and physical analysis. Based on the inspection results, materials are either accepted for production or rejected and transferred to blocked stock for return to the supplier.

  • Goods Receipt Entry 📦: Raw material inspection starts when a Goods Receipt (GR) is made for an incoming product. This generates a raw material inspection lot. Inspection settings are maintained in the material master to ensure the correct characteristics are inspected according to material specifications.
  • Inspection Lot Creation 📝: An inspection lot is generated, and this lot includes a set of results that need to be recorded and attached to every operation where Quality Assurance (QA) is involved. This ensures traceability and compliance with quality standards.
  • Chemical and Physical Analysis ⚗️: For every new batch, a chemical analysis and physical properties report is generated. This involves confirming results for chemical analysis, grain structure, surface roughness, and other physical properties.
  • Evaluation of Inspection Lot 🔍: The inspection lot is evaluated against the sampling plan and inspection plan results are recorded. This step ensures the raw material meets the required specifications.
  • Usage Decision 🔄: Based on the evaluation, a usage decision is made. If the material meets the specifications, it is accepted; otherwise, it is rejected.
    • Stock Transfer to Blocked Stock : If the material does not meet the specification limits, it is rejected. The lot is posted as a rejection, and the raw material is moved to blocked stock for return delivery.
    • Stock Transfer to Unrestricted Use : If the material is within the specification limits, it is accepted. The quality personnel make the results recording entry and issue the material to production through a usage decision.
  • Notification to Purchase/Material 📧: If the material is rejected, a notification is sent to the purchase/material department, informing them of the rejection and the need for return delivery.
  • Supplier Informed 📞: The supplier is informed about the rejection and necessary actions are taken for the return of the defective raw material.

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