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SAP Vendor Return E2E Process Flowchart (for Defective Materials)

SAP Vendor Return E2E Process Flowchart (for Defective Materials)

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This flowchart outlines the Vendor Return process in SAP for handling vendor-supplied material that requires in-house reworking due to poor quality. The procedure is triggered when defective material is received and needs to be rectified after being posted into the inventory system. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Vendor Return (Rework) Initiation🔄: The process starts with identifying the need for in-house rework for supplier material that has been received at the store and found to be defective.
  • Production Order Creation in SAP✍️: A rework production order is created by the purchase department. This initiates the rework process formally within the system.
  • Material Issue📤: A goods issue is posted for the defective material from the store to make it available for rework.
  • Rework Operations🛠️: The defective material undergoes rework production activities, after which confirmation of these activities is recorded in the system.
  • Material Receipt (Goods Receipt in SAP)📥: Once the rework is completed, a goods receipt is posted for the reworked material against the rework production order, signifying the return of the material to the inventory.
  • Cost Accounting📊: The process also includes the collection of costs within the new production order, which helps in tracking and accounting for the expenses incurred due to rework.
  • Financial Settlement💰: The flowchart suggests a final review of pending credits with a manual check before issuing a credit memo to the vendor (represented as “GR/IR PPV Vendor”), leading to financial reconciliation.

This flowchart provides a systematic approach to managing vendor return (rework) processes in SAP efficiently, ensuring quality control, and proper accounting for reworked materials.

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