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SAP FI-AP Invoicing Process Flowchart

SAP FI-AP Invoicing Process Visio Flowchart

Picture Description

This visio flowchart depicts a simplified illustration of the invoice processing process within SAP FI-AP (Accounts Payable). It outlines the steps involved in receiving an invoice from a supplier, verifying its accuracy, and concluding with payment.

The key steps highlighted in the flowchart are :

  • Receive Invoice: The process begins with the Accounts Payable team receiving an invoice from a supplier (either electronically or physically).

  • Capture Invoice Data: The invoice details including invoice number and amount are captured in the SAP system.

  • Approval Process: The invoice is then routed for approval. The flowchart indicates an approval step for the manager.

  • Possible Rejection: If there are any discrepancies with the invoice, it may be rejected and sent back to the supplier for correction. The flowchart shows a notification sent to the supplier regarding the rejection.

  • Payment Release: Once approved, the invoice is released for payment to the supplier.

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