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SAP Business One B1 Procurement Process Flow Chart

SAP Business One B1 Procurement Process Flow Chart

Picture Description

This flowchart illustrates a typical purchase process in SAP Business One (B1). The procurement starts with the identification of a need, which can trigger either a local or import procurement process.

Here’s a breakdown of the flowchart:

  • Local procurement: If the good is available locally, a purchase requisition is drafted and submitted for approval. Once approved, a purchase order is issued to the supplier.
  • Import procurement: If the good needs to be imported, the process is more complex and involves additional steps like requesting quotations from multiple suppliers, comparing them, and potentially obtaining additional approvals.

After the purchase order is issued, the supplier ships the goods and sends an invoice. The buyer receives the shipment, verifies it against the order, and makes the payment. The process can also involve additional steps like advance payment, receiving reports, and managing landed costs (additional costs incurred during import).

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