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SAP P2P Goods Receipt Flowchart

SAP P2P Goods Receipt Visio Flowchart

Picture Description

This simplified flowchart provides a basic overview of the goods receiving process within an SAP system.

Here’s a breakdown of the main steps:

  1. Purchase Order Receipt: The process begins with the arrival of a purchase order which is matched against a delivery advice note or consignment note to ensure accuracy.

  2. Receive Items: The goods are received and unloaded from the delivery vehicle.

  3. Inspection: The received items are inspected to verify they are in good condition, match the purchase order description and quantity.

  4. Returned Items: If any discrepancies are found, such as damaged goods or incorrect items, they are logged and flagged for return to the supplier.

  5. Goods Receipt Creation: If the goods meet expectations, a goods receipt document is created in the SAP ERP system.

  6. Process Complete: The creation of the goods receipt marks the completion of the goods receiving process.

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