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Picture Description

This diagram shows standard integration architecture and planning/scheduling features between the SAP ECC and SAP APO PPDS systems. It shows how master data and transaction data are transferred between the two systems using the Core Interface (CIF).

Here are the key components of the diagram:

  • SAP ECC: This is the SAP Enterprise Central Component, which is the core ERP system of SAP. It contains master data such as material master and plant data, as well as transaction data such as production orders and sales orders.
  • SAP APO PPDS: This is the SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) – Product Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS) system. It is an add-on module to SAP ECC that provides advanced planning and scheduling functionality.
  • CIF: The Core Interface (CIF) is a standard interface that is used to transfer data between different SAP systems. In the context of this diagram, the CIF is used to transfer master and transaction data between SAP ECC and SAP APO PPDS.

The diagram also shows that the PPDS optimizer uses master and transaction data to create a plan for production. The optimizer can consider a variety of factors, such as material availability, capacity constraints, and lead times, when creating the plan. The goal of the optimizer is to create a plan that is feasible and efficient.

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