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Picture Description

This flowchart represents the SAP S/4HANA Advanced ATP (AATP) backorder process flow, outlining the steps from sales order creation to the final delivery process. Let me guide you through it:

  • Sales Order Creation/Change + 📝: This initiates the AATP check by creating or modifying a sales order.
  • AATP Check Trigger + 🔍: The system then triggers an availability check based on the details of the sales order.
  • Product Availability &/Or Product Allocation Check + : This step assesses if the products are available or allocated for the order.
    • If the order is fully confirmed:
      • Order Fully Confirmed + ✔️: The process proceeds towards delivery creation.
      • Delivery Creation + 🚚: This is where the creation of delivery documents starts.
      • Product Availability Check + 🔍: A further availability check is conducted for delivery.
        • If there is no sufficient quantity:
          • Delivery Quantity Confirmation + : The system will not confirm the delivery quantity.
          • Back to Product Availability &/Or Product Allocation Check + 🔙: The process loops back to recheck availability and allocation.
        • If the delivery quantity is confirmed:
          • Delivery Qty Confirmation + ✔️: Confirmation of the delivery quantity.
          • Picking/PGI (Post Goods Issue) + 📦: The final step where goods are picked and issued.
    • If the order is not fully confirmed:
      • Backorder Processing + ⏲️: This involves managing backorders.
        • Automatic BOP Exception Handling + 🤖: Automatic handling of exceptions occurs first.
        • Review BOP Results + 👀: The results of the backorder processing are reviewed.
          • BOP Strategy + 🧠: Strategies like Win/Gain/Redistribute/Fill are decided upon.
          • Manual BOP Exception Handling Release for Delivery + 👤: Manual intervention to handle exceptions and release the order for delivery.

The flowchart visually separates the automated processes from the manual ones and highlights decision points where the order can either proceed or loop back for re-evaluation in SAP S4HANA. It’s a cyclical process that ensures order fulfillment while managing the supply constraints effectively.

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