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Picture Description

The image shows a diagram of the SAP MRP Strategy Parameter. The MRP Strategy Parameter is used to determine how SAP MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) should plan the production of materials. The parameter has a number of different settings, each with its own effect on the planning process.

List of strategies shown in diagram are:

  • STO (Service-to-Order): Service
  • ETO (Engineer-to-Order: Project or part of project (project accounting)
  • MTS (Make-to-Stock): Anonymous planning (procurement and production independent from customer orders) AND/OR: Lead time > accepted lead time
  • ATO (Assemble-to-Order): Numerous final products are produced from common pre-planning (common assemblies and components). Use, when ‘statistic ss’, ‘range of coverage’ or ‘combination’ not applicable.
  • MTO (Make-to-Order): Order dependent production and procurement

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